KARE Treatment
and Accommodation Charges

Find here the cost of Ayurveda treatment and its duration.
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Treatment Charges

Please note the treatment rates are not inclusive of the room charges. Please see below for the accommodation tariff.

General Wellness Programs

Program and Tariff/day

Half Day

Rs. 3950/-

Full Day

Rs. 4450/-

Samya – General Wellness link open arrow
(Introduction to Ayurveda and Yoga, typically 2-3 days)

Rs. 6945/-

Tanugatra link open arrow
Weight Loss
12 – 28

Rs. 9545/-

Ujjwal link open arrow
Skin Complains
14 – 28

Rs. 9545/-

Sukumari link open arrow
Polycystic ovaries
12- 21

Rs. 9545/-

Mehari link open arrow
Diabetes Care
14 – 28

Rs. 9545/-

Hridya link open arrow
Cardiac Disease Reversal
21- 42

Rs. 9545/-

Sthir link open arrow
Bones, Joints and Muscle Conditions

Rs. 9545/-

Utsaha link open arrow
De Addiction

Rs. 9545/-

Sphurti link open arrow
Auto Immune Disorders

Rs. 9545/-

Agni link open arrow
IBS/Ulcerative Colitis/Indigestion

Rs. 9545/-

Amala link open arrow
Respiratory Disorders

Rs. 9545/-

Santati link open arrow

Rs. 9545/-

Samvardhana link open arrow
Post Chemotherapy/Post Operative Care

Rs. 8945/-

Keshya link open arrow
Hair complaints

Rs. 8945/-

Medhya link open arrow
Neurological Disorders

Rs. 8945/-

Room Tariff

Lake View Room [per night] INR: Rs. 3950/-

Garden View Room [per night] INR: Rs. 3450/-

Other Programmes

Day Programme

[7 am to 5 pm]


  • Doctors Consultation
  • Prakruti Analysis (Body constitution)
  • Massage Therapy (2 sessions per day)
  • Yoga Therapy (2 sessions per day)
  • Ayurvedic vegetarian diet

Rs. 4450/- [Per person] INR

Half day programme

[7am-12pm / 12pm-5pm]


  • Massage Therapy (1 session)
  • Yoga Therapy (1 session)
  • Ayurvedic vegetarian diet (1 Meal)

Rs. 3950/- [Per person] INR

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KARE Treatment and
Accommodation Charges

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