The KARE staff is comprised of a qualified Ayurveda team of doctors, therapists and nutritionists who are passionate about what what we do. Our senior staff is supported by a skilled team of support staff who are always at hand to ensure that we deliver our best every single day.

Dr Prakash Kalmadi

Dr. Prakash Kalmadi
M.B.B.S. F.A.G.E (Man.)
Founder & Medical Director

Dr. Prakash Kalmadi, a Doctor of Western Medicine has practiced medicine for more than 35 years. He experienced the efficacy of Ayurvedic Treatment in his own personal life which brought about a dramatic transformation in his health. Hence he collaborated with Dr. Srinivasan Nair, the century-old CNS Chikitsalayam in Kerala to start KARE in 1999. Dr. Kalmadi considers himself the first guest) of KARE. Dr. Kalmadi’s belief in KARE Philosophy is reflected in his day to day actions and is a motivating factor for his staff. He is also passionate about Iyengar Yoga, not only as a practitioner but also as a teacher of Iyengar Medical Yoga in the treatment program at KARE. In the last 20 years since the inception of KARE, Dr. Kalmadi has tirelessly built KARE brick by brick to bring it to where it is now.

Ragini Kalmadi

Mrs. Ragini Kalmadi
MA Psychology,
Chief Co-ordinating Officer

Mrs. Ragini Kalmadi has been a silent pillar of support for her husband Dr. Prakash and has been an integral part of the conception of KARE. She primarily looks after the aesthetic interiors of the Retreat as well as oversees the Kitchen and the Diet Department. She is the brain behind the culinary expertise of the retreat. Being a psychologist she also boosts of the morale of the staff when they get overstressed with work and also interacts with the guests to make their stay more pleasant.

Pratima Kalmadi

Ms. Pratima Kalmadi
MA Innovation Management,
Creative Director

Pratima has a background in Design and Management and oversees the day to day management of the retreat as well as over looks the entire marketing strategy of KARE. She left her design career in London to join her father and help run the centre because she truly believes in the efficacy of Ayurvedic treatment.

Dr. Rohit

Dr. Rohit Rangappa
B.A.M.S. | D.Y.A.
Senior Medical Consultant

Dr. Rohit holds a B.A.M.S. Degree from Pune’s Bhartiya Vidyapeeth Deemed University and is extremely well versed in Ayurvedic treatment. His family roots lie in the spiritual city of Varanasi, the home of gods. His all–consuming passion to study Ayurveda provided him opportunities to be trained under great teachers. His speciality is in the area of pulse diagnosis (Nadiparikshan) and his expertise in this astonishes one & all. Dr Rohit has been a part of KARE for the last 14 years and is admired by all guests who have ever been a part of KARE.

Dr. Rolly

Dr. Roli Rangappa
B.A.M.S. | P.G.P.P. | D.Y.A. | P.G.D.E.M.S.
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Roli Rangappa has been with KARE for the last 15 years and is an integral part of the KARE family. Medical administration, teaching and guest relations are all part of her day’s work. Dr. Rangappa holds a BAMS degree from the Bhartiya Vidyapeeth University and has attained post– graduate proficiency in Panchkarma from the Tilak School of Ayurveda.

Dr. Arun

Dr. Arun Chandran
Residential Medical Officer &
Yoga Instructor

Dr. Arun Chandran hails from a reputed Keraliya Traditional Vaidya family. He is a BAMS graduate from Goa. He is also an International Certified Yoga Instructor and Acupuncturist. At KARE, Dr. Arun is instrumental in taking consultations and deciding the line of treatment for our guests. He conducts lectures and talks on basic tenets of Ayurveda and Panchakarma.


Dr. Vandhana Nirankari
Residential Medical Officer & Yoga Instructor

Dr. Vandana is from the beautiful city of Jammu. She Graduated from S.K.S.S. Ayurvedic medical college, Ludhiana. At KARE her specialty lies in co-ordination of the Ayurvedic Diet and Nutrition Department. Dr. Vandana also conducts the Iyengar Yoga sessions at KARE. Along with her Ayurvedic expertise, Dr. Vandana also has a beautiful voice and it is a joy to hear her sing when we can convince her to do so.


Ms. Samiksha Dere
Back Office Manager, Pune

Samiksha is our Back office Manager and handles all the Administrative and HR work in the Pune office. She has a background in management and computer science. She is an essential part of the KARE team and is responsible for the seamless communication between Pune office and KARE.


Ms. Payal Tupe
Front Office Manager

Payal is our Front Office Manager. She is very friendly and is known to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that no guest request is too small. Payal is from Aurangabad in Maharashtra.


Senior Therapist – Female

Laksmi has been part of the KARE family since 2007 and is one of our most knowledgeable and experienced therapists. She hails from the cultural city of Kerala. Besides her expertise in all the Ayurvedic therapeutic procedures, Lakshmi is a specialist in the preparation of the various oils that are used for treatment at KARE.


Senior Therapist – Female

Sujata has been with KARE for the past 11 years and is from the beautiful city of Darjeeling. Sujata brings with her a multitude of experience in the field of Ayurvedic treatments. Her warmth and soft spoken personality immediately put our guests at ease.


Senior Therapist – Male

Unni is one of KARE’s oldest therapists and has been with us since 2003. He hails from Kerala. Unni is very popular with the guests and his expertise lies in knowing the right pressure points to massage during the treatments. He is also well versed in addressing lower back pain, administrating medical enemas and various nasal installation techniques.


Senior Therapist – Male

Mohan hails from Kerala and has been in the field of Ayurveda for more than 20 years. He is known for his extensive knowledge about ayurvedic treatments. Mohan often performs for the guests to showcase his remarkable skills as a fire dancer.

Ashok Sarkar

Ashok Sarkar
Head Chef

Ashok is head chef and the backbone of KARE’s culinary expertise. Ashok is one of KARE’s oldest employees and has been with us since 2002. Ashok’s cooking is a big hit with the guests and his expertise lies in cooking Ayurvedic food in pure cow’s ghee. He also conducts Ayurvedic cooking demonstrations at KARE and teaches guests how to cook nutritious food efficiently and easily. He is from the cultural city of Kolkata.

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