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Ayurveda Cooking

Ayurvedic Cooking Great news! Our Ayurveda cookbook is now available for sale using Paypal! Click here to get your own copy via post! SUKHAM AYU
(Cooking at Home with Ayurvedic Insights)
ISBN 819029931X

Awarded 'BEST HEALTH & NUTRITION COOKBOOK' in the World 2009 – Second Place, this cookbook is an ode to the ancient science of Ayurveda. It features daily, simple, vegetarian recipes bound together by the fine thread of Ayurvedic insights, steering the reader towards a focus on freshly cooked food, and on the correct use of spices to enhance taste and good health.

All-colour, 112 pages, Hard Bound, Rs. 550


  • Benediction by Yogacharya Guru B. K. S. Iyengar
  • Foreword by Dr. Prakash Kalmadi
  • A prakriti test to identify your constitution
  • Every recipe highlighted with nuggets of knowledge about food ingredients
  • Home-style recipe with variations at the onset of every section
  • Short chapters of Ayurveda interspersed with recipe sections
  • A food guide to know what each person must eat regularly or occassionally

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I find this is a very handy book as it deals with vegetarian recipes congenial to one and contains details on sattvik food with appropriate presentation for each one to build up a healthy body with a sound mind. My best wishes and blessings to the authors for presenting a useful book on good food for all to choose from. My blessings to all the readers as they embark on this journey of good health and longevity.
--Yogacharya B. K. S. Iyengar

As we know, Ayurveda is an ancient science and has been followed since time immemorial. This effort by the authors, Jigyasa and Pratibha, in bringing out a cookbook containing the principles of Ayurveda to millions of housewives, through simple and elegant language is commendable. I am sure that with this book, people will be happily inspired to follow Ayurvedic principles and discipline themselves for simple living and simple eating.
--Tarla Dalal, India's best-loved cookery author

An invaluable guide. Its a must if (like me) you believe in not just savoring delicious but also nutritious food. Packed with useful and usable tips, guidelines and insights, it delivers traditional wisdom in a yummy palatable way . Jigyasa and Pratibha have done it again! Healthy vegetarian gourmets, this is for you!
--Rashmi Uday Singh, Acclaimed food critic and Writer