It is the science of preventive health (take care of
health so that disease does not get a chance to get in) and the living habits
that check over indulgence in physical senses, going against conscience and
natural resistance to the call of the soul (refusal to enjoy the present
moment) .

Ayurvedic Treatment

What if when someone is already ill ? It deals with
internal medicine (kayachikitsa), surgery (Shalyachikitsa), Treating
eye,ear,nose and throat (shalakyachikitsa), Pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics
treatment ( kaumarabhritya) and mental health (bhutavidya).

Body Elements & Constitution (Prakriti)

 There are five elements of which the human body is made
up of : akasha (ether), Vayu (air), Agni (Fire), Jala (Water) and Prithvi

 Because of the above five elements, all human beings are
constituted with a combination of two or three primary ones. Those are called
body humors or Doshas: Kapha, Vata and Pitta. Any person is easy to treat with
the identification of his/her category.

 Vata category is combination of space and air elements : People are fearful, illogical and insecure. Skin is dry. They have thin hair.
They have dark brown or grey eyes. Vata activates the nervous system, hearing
and speech and the persons is a great enthusiast with creativity. However, the
state of his mind gets imbalanced easily because of which he gets diseases like
insomnia, cramps and constipation.

Pitta category is fire element : These people are
achievers, intellectual, fiery, angry, judgmental, with clear voice and
precise expression. They have soft and fine hair. Eyes are blue, grey and
hazel. They are good leaders and warm personality when healthy. Because of
emphasis on metabolism and anger, they suffer from acidity, ulcers and rashes
and also thinning of hair occurs.

Kapha category is(water and earth element : They have
thick lustrous hair. Eyes are blue or brown. People have great endurance
capacity with calm and steady mind. They are capable of forgiveness and intense
love. Sometimes they are greedy and possessive. Kapha is the lubricant that
keeps the joints working, keeps the body vibrant and balanced with immunity.
Too much of it leads to lethargy, congestion, allergies and weight gain.

 Nature of ailments

After the Prakriti is decided, one should know the nature
of the diseases(Vikriti). It is imbalance obviously, but there are tow extremes
to every imbalance, either deficiency or excess. Those are heavy-light,
slow-sharp, cold-hot, unctuous-dry, smooth-rough, solid-liquid, soft-hard,
stable-mobile, subtle-gross, and non-slimmy-slimmy. When corrected, Prakriti or
original constitution is restored.

These 20 characteristics that with regards to ones basic
constitution will decide the treatment. These may be caused by wrong foods
causing improper digestion, wrong sleeping habits, improper mindset, anxiety

The other type of ailment is clogging or blockage (Ama)
for life energy to circulate for vitality. When this is corrected, it produces
energy, perfect immunity, physical strength and hence a general sense of bliss
which is summarized in Ayurveda in one word called Ojas.

Some Herbs and Minerals

Malabar nut : bronchitis, asthma, boosting immune

Bael : Digestive system

Garlic : lipids and cholesterol

Asparagus : Female reproductive system and lactation

Aloe Vera : Hair and skin treatment

Neem : blood purifier and anti-fungal treatment