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Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat

Be one with Nature’s Beauty

At KARE Ayurveda Retreat, our mission is to change lives. You don’t have to live with chronic pain, obesity, and lifestyle illnesses. Perfect health is attainable. The KARE approach to health is an integrative process using scientific and authentic Kerala Ayurveda treatments, the precision of Iyengar Medical Yoga, principles of Ayurvedic food combinations and meditation. The old adage ‘Prevention is better than Cure’ also holds true and the KARE approach can prevent the occurrence of imbalances in the body that ultimately lead to diseases in the body.

Set atop a hill, KARE Ayurveda Retreat overlooks the quiet waters of the Mulshi Lake against a backdrop of flowers and greenery. A world of timeless beauty where you can forget your daily worries and just focus on your own rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.

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Guest Reviews

Discover health for happiness!
See what our guests have to say about their stay at KARE Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat.

“We really enjoyed our visit to your Yoga Health Ayurveda Retreat. The staff are absolutely amazing, efficient and very friendly. We feel very relaxed and healthy which makes heading back to work a lot easier…”


Activist and Indian Classical Dancer – “The KARE experience has been very special. The quality of the doctors and therapists is excellent, the rooms…”


“KARE has changed my life in such a short time! I came to KARE Ayurveda Retreat in desperation. Apart from being in constant pain, (back, knees, ankles) due to my excess weight, just 1 day prior to my arrival in Mulshi, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and had been warned by my doctor (in a very grave voice)…”


Recommended programs

Pick from a range of packages to suit your every need

Marma Therapy


Saukhya programme includes special treatments like Shirodhara wherein, lukewarm oil is poured on the forehead), Chavetti


(Rejuvenation with Gentle Detoxification)

This programme is especially designed for our guests who want to Detox but have less time in hand.

Autoimmune Disorders


People looking to Detox their bodies through Ayurveda therapies for prolonged wellbeing and overall good health.


(Age Reversal)

Kayakalpa is a tailor made programme which includes all elements of Samya [De Stress], Urja [Rejuvenation] and Shudhi [Detoxification]  therapies.


Ailment Specific programmes

Weight loss program at KARE is unique -as there is no starvation involved. Ayurveda Panchakarma therapies

Make yourself a priority. You deserve it.

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