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Kare Ayurvedic Treatment Programmes

Weight loss

Weight loss program at KARE is unique -as there is no starvation involved. Ayurveda Panchakarma therapies which detoxify the system and help in weight loss with the benefit of no side effects and no weight rebounds if some herbs are continued for a prescribed duration of time and diet is taken care as per our dietician's advise. Iyengar Medical Yoga also plays a vital role in loosing weight.

Duration: 2-4 weeks

Supervised walking around the premises also helps. The walks are arranged around the walking track or up the mountain or down to the lake and the village to make it more interesting for the guests.


Kare Programmes According to Ayurveda, the term Arthritis is used to define joints pain, caused by aggravation of Vata Dosha i.e,Air element [Osteo Arthiritis] and the excessive collection of Ama(toxic by-product of improper digestion) in the body of an individual [Rheumatoid Arthiritis].

The treatment of arthritis centers on the digestion of ama and reduction of vata, simultaneously. This is done by means of Ayurveda Panchakarma therapies and Iyengar medical yoga along with Diet guidelines as laid down by Ayurveda.At KARE the line of treatment is decided after detailed consultation and pulse diagnois.

Duration: 2-4 weeks

We conduct specialized one to one medical yoga for Arthritis.

Heart Disease Reversal

Ayurveda Panchakarma therapies & Iyengar Medical Yoga have proved to be very beneficial inCardiac DiseaseReversal. Panchakarma therapies aid in decreasing the cholesterol and improves the functioning of the heart whereas Iyengar medical Yoga improves the organ tone and increases the blood circulation.Diet also plays very important role in Cardiac Disease Reversal.

Duration: 3-5 weeks


Kare Programmes Diabetes and it's induced side-effects are very well taken care of by Ayurveda and Iyengar Medical Yoga. Diabetes is a condition, which can have serious side effects, like - Retinopathy, Neuropathy, Renal Dysfunction, etc. Ayurvedic Panchkarma - Detoxification Therapies control & maintain sugar level & stops further deterioration of the vital organs due to diabetes. Ayurveda recommends a diabetic patient to undergo Detoxification therapy, once in a year.

Duration: 2-4 weeks

Skin Diseases

Healthy internal radiance is regarded by Ayurveda as the true definition of beauty. The skin is seen as the mirror of inner health. The external body is simply the manifestation of everything that happens inside, including our emotions. At KARE we have dealt with cases of Eczema, Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Lichen Planus, Urticaria, Acne etc with brilliant results.

Duration: 2-4 weeks

Stress Management

At KARE, we strive to maintain the perfect harmony between an individual's body, mind and soul by means of Ayurveda therapies, Iyengar Medical Yoga & serving food according to the body constitution.

Special Rejuvenative therapies like Shirodhara, Pizhichil ,Sheerdhara etc are administered to tackle the Stress level and soothe the mental aspects of an individual.Cases of Depression are recommended to undergo Panchakarma programme for 2-3 weeks.

Duration: 3 days – 3 weeks