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Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar Yoga At KARE Retreat Iyengar Medical Yoga is conducted under the supervision of qualified and expert teachers. One to one yoga lessons are also conducted for persons ailing from debilitating or painful illnesses and for the very elderly.

Iyengar yoga is meant for all and is a way of life. The use of props, designed by B.K.S. Iyengar Guruji , such as wooden gadgets, belts, ropes helps the practitioner to achieve perfection in any Asana.Our aim is to teach the guests in such a way that they can carry home what they have learnt at KARE and continue their daily practice at home. Regular practice of 'Iyengar Yoga' definitely integrates the body, mind and emotions.

Iyengar Yoga At KARE Retreat there are two regular sessions of yoga per day. One in the morning from 7 AM To 9AM. This class is dynamic; starting with Sun Salutation and Standing poses followed by Forward bends and Twisting poses then Back bends and Inverted poses and lastly Resting poses. The afternoon session is more of Restorative yoga which can be done immediately after a meal. The poses done are Virasana and Supta Virasana and Badha konasana followed by Supta Badha konasana. These Asanas increase the flow of blood supply to all organs thus preventing a multitude of Lifestyle induced ailments and other diseases.

Iyengar Yoga Iyengar Yoga Iyengar Yoga
Iyengar Yoga Iyengar Yoga Iyengar Yoga