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KARE Academy

Kare Academy KARE Academy was established to teach basic nuances of Ayurveda,Yoga and Ayurvedic dietetics for the learner and seeker of this science, be it for his personal knowledge or professional interest.

KARE ACADEMY is run by Dr. B.V. Rama Rao Medical Foundation, which is a charitable trust.

KAAS [KARE Academy For Ayurvedic Studies] - Courses Offered

  • Certificate Course in Basic Ayurveda [1 week -10 Hours]
  • Certificate Course in Advanced Ayurveda [1Month -40 Hours]
  • Certificate Course in Ayurvedic Massage Therapies [1Month -40 Hours]
  • Certificate Course in Yoga [1 Month – 40 Hours]
  • Certificate Course in Ayurvedic Cooking [1 week-10 hours]
  • Certificate Course in Ayurvedic Dietetics [ 1 Month – 40 hours]

The faculty consists of

  • Dr. Prakash Kalmadi, M.B.B.S. | F.A.G.E (Man.)
  • Dr. Rohit Rangappa, B.A.M.S | D.Y.A.
  • Dr. Roli Rangappa, B.A.M.S | P.G.P.P. | D.Y.A.
  • Dr. Dhanraj Shetty, B.A.M.S| M.S.
  • Dr. Sucheta Shirodkar, B.A.M.S
  • Dr. Bindiaa Singh, B.A.M.S | D.Y.A

Course Fee

  • Rs.13,500 /week
  • Rs.51,500/month
  • Meals and accommodation are charged as per the Tariff.