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Sonya & Alan Sonya & Alan
We really enjoyed our visit to your Yoga Health Retreat. The staff are absolutely amazing, efficient and very friendly. We feel very relaxed and healthy which makes heading back to work a lot easier.

The setting is great, our room had a wonderful view and we would like to thank everyone involved who made our visit so enjoyable. I miss the Yoga each day, it was so good.

Priya Mani-Dubai
"KARE has changed my life in such a short time!
I came to KARE in desperation. Apart from being in constant pain, (back, knees, ankles) due to my excess weight, just 1 day prior to my arrival in Mulshi, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and had been warned by my doctor (in a very grave voice, I might add) that I was a definite candidate for a heart attack, a stroke or indeed, death. In just 10 days, KARE has given me a new lease on my life! I lost 6.5 kilos and 19.5 inches! My blood pressure is normal and I feel young again! My stay at KARE has rejuvenated me in body, mind and spirit. For the first time in 5 years I am emotionally and physically energized than ever before. AND I can walk without pain!
At KARE I learnt that I MATTER. I learnt that my body and mind need to be cherished. KARE has shown me the way and has given me the tools to do that. When I left KARE, I KNEW I knew I was never going back to neglecting my body and soul again."

Mallika Sarabhai Mallika Sarabhai- Activist and Indian Classical Dancer
"The KARE experience has been very special. The quality of the doctors and therapists is excellent, the rooms comfortable and the yoga sessions an experience in themselves."

Rajkumar Hirani Rajkumar Hirani on his second visit
Wonderful people make KARE. Always smiling, always helping out. One big Happy family. You meet people, make friends here. Wonderful Doctors, Dietitian, Yoga Teacher. A place I would like to keep coming back.

Mrs.Muneera Chudasamai Muneera Chudasama
KARE has been a lifetime experience!
The heavenly ambience, authentic Yoga taught by the irreplaceable Mr.Shah, the team of dedicated and efficient doctors and therapists, the delicious cuisine organized by dietician Snehal with such personal interest and the entire courteous staff made my stay at KARE something I will cherish.

The only regret I have is that I could not stay for a longer period but I will surely come back. Best of luck to all & may you grow from strength to strength with all happiness.

Michele Jobling Memories of a transformational experience at Kare, Mulshi May 2008
Michele Jobling - London
I arrived full of trepidation and hope for a month in an unknown country, miles away from civilisation and about to begin a gruelling detox and age reversal process. What had brought me to Kare was a fair catalogue of problems: broken arm that was slow to heal after 3 operations in 7 months; threatened operation to shoulder that had dislocated in the same accident tearing tendons and ligaments and emotional trauma relating to the separation from my husband. My goals: to repair my shoulder and avoid the operation; get functionality back into my arm; reverse my osteoporosis and be pain free. All in a month!

The first day was 'difficult' but I mastered my tears that erupted when pain struck in the first yoga class; the next three days were 'difficult' as headaches from the detox blighted my days but after that I didn't look back. Each day I made progress in Yoga, the pain diminished and the functionality increased. By the third week I had (except for full arm balance) ditched my splint and by the end of the month I could manage backbends on my own. Since returning I have been signed off from my astounded shoulder surgeon; delighted my physiotherapists and my arm surgeon (who I have to say were overjoyed) and had confirmation that my osteoporosis is no more due to a >10% improvement in my bone density. I am now firmly on a new path of (mainly) vegetarian food; 1 hour+ yoga per day and I'm taking my medication with religious verve.

I cannot thank the wonderful staff (Doctors; Therapists; Yogi Mr Shah; kitchen and housekeeping) enough for making my stay a real joy; for sharing with me my initial shaky days through to the triumphs as I knocked over one hurdle after another. I will be back, and to study Ayurveda and Iyangar Yoga – I need to share the good news with the world.

Judith St. George
KARE is the perfect place to relax- a most beautiful setting with spectacular views of Mulshi Lake. The staff are wonderful, friendly and helpful. I learnt a tremendous amount about Iyengar Yoga and very much enjoyed the relaxing treatments. I would recommend KARE to anyone wishing to relax, and get away from the stresses of modern life.

Rajkumar Hirani RajKumar Hirani: is best known as the creator of the Munna Bhai series. He is a writer, director and producer of Bollywood movies. Mr. Hirani enjoyed the therapies and yoga sessions at KARE.

David Smith David Smith
I came to KARE retreat because I was extremely stressed-my back, knees and other joints were stiff and painful, I was suffering from headaches. At KARE I was surrounded by professional caring staff that is highly qualified.
Many years ago I was boxing and practicing martial arts but had never tried Yoga.
My day here [I was here for 14 days] started with 2 hours of Yoga, followed by a vegetarian breakfast [all meals are vegetarian-cooked fresh and sourced locally] then oil massages for 1-1.5 hours followed by a hot shower, between 11 and 1 it was reading and relaxing time for me, then lunch and 1.5 hors of Yoga again at 3 followed by a neck and shoulder massage with prepared herbal boluses-this went on for 14 days.
It is one of the best things I have ever done. I am now pain free, lively and as a bonus have lost 3 kgs!! I will definitely continue Yoga when I get back to London-although I can’t promise I’d be able to maintain a vegetarian diet!!! This experience has changed my life.
If you would like to speak to me, I’m on 07941-309896.
I highly recommend this life changing experience.
David Smith

Robert Svaboda Dr. Robert Svaboda
(The first westerner to formally study ayurveda at Pune, India)
"A very good centre for Panchkarma."

Shankaracharya Shankaracharya No.145 Of Goverdhan peeth,Puri,Orrisa
I had heard a lot about KARE before I came and experienced myself the treatment for my Arthritis of the knees. I felt very much better after four weeks of therapy.And I congratulate Dr. Prakash Kalmadi and his team for the excellent centre they have opened in this natural setting at Mulshi - Lake. And I recommend it to everyone to try it atleast once. In all my travels I have not come accross such a unique Therapy Center.

Karen Anand Karen Anand
Fantastic treatments, especially the massages. Good explanation and consultation by Doctors. Beautiful, peaceful surroundings. I was very impressed with the cook's ability to produce such varied dishes everyday. Lovely staff and very good service. Certainly a rejuvenating and restful experience. I will be back .

Dr. Mohan Agashe Dr. Mohan Agashe
Most beautiful day of my life. The day passed nicely as never before. 14 days like this will be beautiful. After doing this you know how terrible 365 minus 14 days will be!!!

Rani Jethmalani Rani Jethmalani
I've found a place where god lives!!! It is truly a healing place from the excellent Kerala rejuvenating massages and the caring doctors and attentive staff.

Moon Moon Sen Moon moon Sen
Moon moon Sen –(A regular visitor at KARE)
What can I say, except that it's so difficult to leave.

Another year another memorable stay !
Hope I can come back again and again Thankyou to be cared for by all of you.

Bina Ramani Bina Ramani
This is a private little heaven. I've enjoyed everything – the massages, the food, solitude, the friendly staff and the tranquil atmosphere

Rashmi Uday Singh Rashmi Uday Singh
"Experienced doctors and masseurs from Kerala are the highlight of KARE, but there are three other superlative features.The spa is immaculately clean; the docs, masseurs and staff are extremely caring ; and the vegetarian satvik food is delicious"

Celebrity Guests at KARE Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat

  • Iyengar family – Guruji BKS Iyengar,Geeta ji,Prashant ji
  • Mr.Rajukumar Hirani
  • Mr.Swananda Kirkire
  • Ms.Karen Anand
  • Ms.Mallika Sarabhai
  • Ms.Seema Biswas
  • Mr.Parikshit Sahni
  • Mr.Harsha Manglik
  • Ms.Neetu Chandra
  • Mr.Nikhil Arya
  • Ms.Karishma Tanna
  • Ms.Madhu Sapre
  • Lt. Sh.Amrish Puri
  • Princess of Malaysia
  • Ms.Moon Moon Sen
  • Ms.Babita Kapoor
  • Dr.Yashwant Thorat
  • Ms.Usha thorat
  • Inlaks – Ms.Laxmi Shivdasani
  • Ms.Sarika
  • Dr.Smita Naram
  • Ms.Rashmi Udaysingh
  • Ms.Muneera Chudasama
  • Dr.Mohan Agashe
  • Ms. Narayani Shastri