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An Ideal Day at KARE

Ideal Day at Kare At KARE, guests wake up to the chirping of birds to have their herbal teas, served at 6:30 am in their respective cottages.

The first yoga session starts at 7 am with Sun salutations and Standing poses. This session is for 2 hours followed by breakfast at 9 am.

After detailed consultation with doctors, the guests proceed for their respective therapies that aim right from De-Stressing to De-Rooting the ailment, if any.

Lunch is served at 1 pm, prepared as per the Body Constitution of each guest.

Relaxing and restorative yoga which is specifically designed to be done after lunch starts at 3 pm.

At 4:30 pm the minor treatment for the day is given, followed by evening tea and snacks.

After tea, we recommend walking, trekking, bird watching and familiarizing oneself with other KARE facilities.

Dinner is served at 7 pm. An early night ensures adequate sleep and rest.