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Dining & Cuisine
Without proper diet, medicine is of no use.
With proper diet, medicine is of no need.

Along with the Ayurveda treatments and Yogasanas, the food one eats plays an equally important role in enhancing good Health.


Different people react differently to the same food. Why?

This is answered in Ayurveda by an Individual's body constitution, called 'Prakruti' (pr’kru tee). Ayurveda believes that every individual is unique and has his own Body Constitution which is defined and designed at the time of conception. This is how Ayurveda explains the subtle differences between individuals, and how two persons can react very differently when exposed to the same environment or stimuli.

This helps in understanding important Physical and Mental characteristics. Knowing one’s Prakruti will help immensely, both in the prevention and treatment of disease.


Vikruti - is the imbalance developed in the body due to bad food combination or bad lifestyle. Hence it is important for the Physician to differentiate between Vikruti and Prakruti which is a very challenging diagnosis.

Food At KARE

The food at KARE is designed as a healing diet that gladdens the heart &nourishes the body .

According to Charaka and Sushruta - fathers of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery - "the entire world seeks food; it is the life source of all beings; Clarity, Longevity, Intelligence, Happiness, Contentment, Strength and Knowledge are all rooted in food."

The body needs different types of nutrients that perform various functions. The body gets these nutrients from the vast variety of foods available according to age, sex, physical activity, physiological conditioning and one's constitution. Ayurveda recommends food that is "Saatvic" in nature. "Saatvic" food is vegetarian, has a light sweet taste, with mild flavours of spice and is easy to digest. It consists of fruits and vegetables, and mainly emphasizes freshly prepared and properly cooked food - consumed at the right time, and in the right quantity. A balanced diet includes all the six tastes - sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent.

At KARE, the Diet is customized as per individual Body Constitution keeping in mind, the principles of Contradictory food combinations [Virudha Aahar] and the order of tastes in the meal. We use only the purest ingredients recommended by Ayurveda - Rock sugar/ Jaggery, Rock salt and Cow's ghee.

The foundation of food prepared at KARE is based on the fundamental principle of Ayurveda.

Our motto is: "Let Food Be Thy Medicine"